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Perfect Destination Pvt. Ltd.
Govt. Approved Lic. No. 941/067/068
Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 977.01.5011114

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Our Services

Our manpower services are provided by well qualified and trained professionals who are competent enough to meet all requirements of employers from across the world. Our huge database has world class professionals, who are experts in various fields like Logistics, services sector, Manufacturing Sector, and Construction (Engineering ) Sector. Hence, we offer a wide range of options to our global clients, so that they can select according to their requirements.

Perfect Destination Pvt.Ltd. offers the best of Nepalese talent and intellectuals who will fit properly with the specific demands of global clients. Moreover, our Nepalese professionals always keep themselves very active and efficient and keep on updating their skills and ability with the latest technological advancements. Therefore, they very easily get acquainted with modern technology and are also curious to work with these technologies.